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Enel Green Power

Enel Green Power, established in December 2008, is the Enel Group company that develops and manages energy generation from renewable sources at a global level, with a presence in Europe, the Americas and Africa.

Enel Green Power is a major global operator in the field of energy generation from renewable sources, with an annual production of 32 TW/h, mainly from water, the Sun, wind and the Earth’s heat, meeting the energy consumption of over 11 million families and avoiding 17 million tonnes of CO2 emissions per year.

Enel Green Power has an installed capacity of 9.819 MW, produced by 737 plants in 15 countries and with a generation mix that includes wind, solar, hydro, geothermal and biomass.

Enel Green Power is committed to contributing to sustainable development. Enel Green Power believes that renewable sources play a central role in promoting the competitiveness of the production system of several countries and to ensure secure energy supplies. Indeed, widespread electricity generation from water, the Sun, wind and the Earth’s heat helps improve a country’s energy independence, while also protecting the environment.

Enel Green Power aims to grow by substantially increasing its installed capacity and enhancing each country’s technology mix, aimed at highlighting specific local peculiarities and building on Enel’s expertise in this sector.

In countries having a retail organisation, Enel Green Power also work for families and companies in order to achieve energy self-production, -consumption and -management.


Set up in 2005, Enertronica Spa is a company listed on the Milan Stock Exchange that operates in renewable energy industry and energy saving business, in design and production of electric-mechanical systems. Its mission is creating value for shareholders by operating with a green, eco-sustainable and modern approach. In order to obtain this result the whole activity is based on a few but clear lines of development: internationalization and know-how.

Enertronica is a small multinational company and it is present on some main markets where the renewable energy sector is developing. It is also active in Italy where it aims to operate in the new frontier of the energy savings and distributed production of energy. For these reasons Enertronica is a Smart Utility.

In the last few years Enertronica is moving forward with the internationalization process that led the company to focus on foreign markets with notable results.

While believing in important business opportunities in Italy, Enertronica now operates in Europe (Romania), Africa (South Africa, Namibia, Eritrea), Asia (Singapore), and has recently started a new operating unit in Mexico.


With offices in 157 countries and more than 195,000 people, PwC is among the leading professional services networks in the world. PwC help organisations and individuals create the value they’re looking for, by delivering quality in assurance, tax and advisory services.

Some facts about PwC:

  • In FY14, PwC firms provided services to 417 companies in the Fortune Global 500 and 462 in the FT Global 500.
  • In 2014, we were named the 3rd most attractive employer in the world for business students by Universum.
  • For the year ending 30 June 2014, PwC’s gross revenues were US$34 billion, up 6%, a strong performance in the face of some challenging circumstances.

PwC Italy’s professionals are proactively involved in the Global Power & Utilities Centre of Excellence, a place where the collective Power & Utilities expertise of PwC is brought together with a targeted focus on our clients and major market issues. On a regional level, PwC Central Cluster Renewable Energy Group (CCREG) is focused on gathering all of the pertinent experts working in European and African practices, providing economic outlooks, market research, and strategic planning on RES and energy efficiency issues.

The Mediterranean region is at the core of our attention, with active collaboration among PwC Italy, other European practices and those in the Middle East and Africa.