The main idea behind the Market Observatory is to provide our members with a forum where they can find the most up-to-date and relevant news about renewable energy and energy efficiency in the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean markets. The internet is flooded with news, articles, press releases and editorials issued from different sources of information. The Market Observatory aims at monitoring this various information and filtering it according to RES4MED members’ interests. A quality review of information is provided by RES4MED staff.
The tool also dedicates a section to the activities of RES4MED members in Southern and Eastern Mediterranean countries allowing Companies to follow each other’s activities, strengthening their network and increasing connectivity.

The Tool

The tool has restricted access only to RES4MED members and is a straightforward blog forum, easy to manage and to access. News and articles are uploaded on a daily basis, depending on the level of activity on a given day ensuring that the general structure and quality of the information remains intact through regular reviews. The tool contains the most recently published news, reported from trusted sources with a link redirecting the reader to the original article. For helping our members to collect uploaded news, the Market Observatory Newsletter offers a review of all weekly articles which aim to remind subscribed readers on articles they have missed during the past week. Finally, the tool provides a useful base platform for RES4MED market analysis activity, sharing the reports and editorials that monitor and analyse the major trends in our focus markets.


The tool has the potential to be scaled up as the geographical and thematic scope of RES4MED widens along with the potential expansion of RES4MED interests in African markets. In addition, a greater engagement by using members can contribute to the improvement of the tool, transforming it from a forum of news-sharing into a genuine discussion-platform for RES4MED members to discuss, engage and build more solid relationships in the context of our regions of focus. There could be great potential in allowing access to RES4MED partners and extended network from the Mediterranean region gaining additional insights from local and regional stakeholders.

Contact details and further information

In case you are RES4MED member and will need further information on the tool or the credentials to access the Market Observatory, or for any kind of request, please do not hesitate to use the following details to contact RES4MED staff:

+ 39 06 8552236