Key Work Areas

RES4MED acts as a reference platform for Mediterranean stakeholders to foster the cooperation between public and private sector and to provide decision makers with the integrated viewpoint along the renewable energy value chain, including the private sector.

RES4MED is engaged in the following key work areas:

RES4MED is engaged with regional institutions and stakeholders to provide a coherent business-focused analysis of bottlenecks and opportunities for renewable energy investments, suggesting recommendations on priorities.
RES4MED organizes high level local workshops “RES4MED Days” with the aim of developing new business relationships with key local energy stakeholders, to generate a deeper understanding of local needs and propose a set of solutions to match them.


RES4MED mobilizes industry and other key stakeholders in order to promote appropriate business models and financing tools for sustainable projects, both large scale and distributed generation and for energy efficiency applications. In particular, RES4MED promotes
complementary distributed energy solutions like mini grids for remote areas, hybrid village power, biogas from urban wastes and agricultural residues, PV innovative solutions, PV pumping, integrated solar PV industrial platform, energy efficiency in public lighting, smart grids, storage solutions, digital metering.


RES4MED carries out studies and analyses on socio-economic benefits of renewable energy investments. Renewable energy deployment creates a local manufacturing and services industry, aiming to gain momentum upward in the supply chain and
enable local companies to compete against internationals in their home markets. The evaluation of their benefits along the value chain in economic and social terms will guide policy makers, local stakeholders and institutions in their decisional processes.
Ensuring full social acceptance and public confidence in renewable energy technologies has emerged as a key factor for fast-tracking their deployment. RES4MED is a founding member of IRENA’s Coalition for Action that aims at communicating clear and truthful messages on renewable energy with the public and decision makers around the world through a wide range of channels, including web portals, media articles, publications, social networks and public dialogue.


One of RES4MED pillar is sharing information and enabling knowledge transfer to a wide range of stakeholders. RES4MED organizes a two-weeks Advanced Training Course on “Integration of renewable energy sources in the Mediterranean electricity markets” hosted by selected Italian universities. The Course provides participants with a set of technical, economical and regulatory tools and innovative laboratories visits and lectures given by qualified International and Italian experts coming from industrial sector, academics (PoliMi, PoliTo, Bocconi) and highly skilled technicians. The target audience consists of professionals coming from Southern and Eastern Mediterranean countries, young professionals coming from RES4MED shareholders and Ph.D. students and Researchers coming from Italian Universities.
RES4MED Training and Capacity Building work program will include a Course on “Energy efficiency solutions in industrial and civil sector” to disseminate energy saving best practices and applications to match local needs.