Release of “What does it take to accelerate RES investments in Africa”

“What does it take to accelerate RES investments in Africa: Priorities And Recommandations” is RES4Africa Foundation’s newly published study, launched during the 2019 Annual Conference in Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) on 19th June 2019. This publication, carried out by Pöyry and realized in collaboration with Enel Foundation, analyses the legislative and regulatory frameworks for the renewable energy sector currently in […]

2019 Flagship Publication presented at 7th Annual Conference in Addis Ababa

“Africa’s Future Counts”, RES4Africa Foundation’s second flagship publication, was presented during the 2019 Annual Conference, held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on 19th June. This publication, developed in collaboration with Enel Foundation, is the second of a series of annual features that focus on strategic perspectives and themes for Africa’s sustainable energy future. Africa’s Future Counts […]

A new paper to scale-up renewable energy development in Jordan

To support our business-to-government event in Jordan we released our new “Scaling-Up Renewable Energy Development in Jordan” white paper which we carried out in collaboration with Pöyry and EDAMA. Jordan has done very much in the last 20 years to attract renewable energy investments, creating an enabling environment for renewable energy investments and promulgating laws […]

REnewAfrica white paper released

RES4Med&Africa, in collaboration with its members led by PwC, released the new white paper “A New Instrument to Foster Large-Scale Renewable Energy Development and Private Investment in Africa”. In this white paper RES4Med&Africa analysed RE financing mechanisms’ best practices and weaknesses, thus stressing the need for a new instrument to support large scale RE plant […]

“Open Africa”, a project to visualize the positive impact of sustainable energy on Africa

The photo-book and web-documentary were presented at Minerva Roof Garden in Rome

Open Africa, RES4Africa’s latest project consisting of a photographic book and a web documentary, was presented at Minerva Roof Garden in Rome on 20th June. Developed by RES4Africa with the support of Enel Foundation and in collaboration with Akronos, Open Africa was produced to visually illustrate how access to sustainable energy positively impacts African livelihoods. The reportage presents […]

RES4Med&Africa’s first flagship publication presented during 2018 Annual Conference

First edition captures multi-disciplinary views on scaling renewables for Africa’s sustainable growth

“Unlocking Value from Sustainable Renewable Energy”, RES4Med&Africa’s first flagship publication, was presented during the 2018 Annual Conference, held in Rome on the 22nd of June. This publication, the first of a series of annual features that will focus on specific key priorities and themes about Africa’s sustainable energy future, aims at showing how renewable energy […]

A focus on Tunisia: auction and job creation study now published

          In occasion of RES4MED&Africa’s upcoming conference in Tunis on 27 June 2018 titled “Renewables and infrastructure for the clean energy transition of Tunisia: The Italian journey on the renewable energies: Excellency and Best Practices”, RES4MED is relaunching two reports that respectively focus on auction mechanisms and the job-creation effect of renewable energy […]

2018 edition of Morocco Country Profile launched

From announcing a 52% renewable energy target at COP 21 to launching the first phase of what was at that time the world’s largest CSP plant (580 MW) under Noor Solar Power project in Ouarzazate, Morocco has been making impressive headlines and has positioned itself at the forefront of the renewable energy world. Having no […]

RES4MED published a position paper on the liberalization of the moroccan electric market focusing on MV

RES4MED and Pöyry carried out a study to speed up the integration of renewable energy resources on the medium voltage (MV) grid in Morocco. The study aims to identify a successful path towards an effective liberalization of the moroccan electric market and encourage this debate among the stakeholders involved. This study reveals that there is no one-size-fits-all approach for […]