RES4MED attends PHOTOVOLTAICA international congress and exhibition on renewable energy “Towards sustainable development in Africa”

Marrakesh, 13-14 February 2018 – The 3rd edition of PHOTOVOLTAICA titled “Towards sustainable development in Africa” took place at the Palace of Congress in Marrakesh, Morocco. The event, organised with the support of the Moroccan Ministry of Energy, Mines and Sustainable Development, primarily served as a platform of business opportunities to present the renewable energy projects initiated by the Moroccan Ministry itself. It also aimed to be a forum for researchers, companies and entrepreneurs, authorities and other national and international organizations to exchange ideas, views and experiences to contribute to the development of renewable energy in Morocco and Africa. Over 90 participants and 150 speakers attended the conference, including representatives of the Moroccan, African and European governments, International Financial Institutions (IFIs), regional and international organizations and private sector to exchange perspectives on how to progress Morocco’s and Africa’s renewable energy transition.

Morocco is one of Africa’s leading countries in the renewable energy transition process, whose strong commitments and favourable policies are reflected in its National Energy Strategy. As declared by His Majesty, King Mohammed VI, Morocco’s objective is to reach the target of 52% of the country’s energy mix coming from renewable energy sources by 2030. “Today, energy challenges are not economic, nor technical, but political. It is not an energy transition but an energy war in pacific terms. We are investing billions in RE deployment, it is crucial to have a percentage (30%) of business integration in order to build capacity and skills”, affirms Mr. Aziz Rabbah, Moroccan Minister of Energy, Mines and Sustainable Development.

PHOTOVOLTAICA is designed as a high-level international congress and showcasing exhibition. The 2-day conference agenda touched upon the key topics for the deployment of photovoltaic technologies in Africa such as enabling policy and regulatory frameworks, financing solutions, innovative models and storage systems. The showcasing exhibition hosted pavilions for Country Delegations, SMEs, Associations, and a Business Center to foster a varied multi-stakeholder dialogue. The high-level conference was graced by the presence of Mr. Aziz Rabbah, Minister of Energy, Mines and Sustainable Development of Morocco, Mr. Jorge Seguro Sanches, Secretary of State Minister of Energy of Portugal.

RES4MED and Enel Green Power participated to PHOTOVOLTAICA in the discussion panel “The role of photovoltaics in public policies” presenting the key outcomes of RES4MED liberalization study of the electric market focused on the medium voltage level, conducted in cooperation with Poyry.Mr. Paolo Marino, Director at Poyry, illustrated the timeline of the liberalization of Morocco’s power in continuous improvement since 2009. During the session speakers presented a full picture on the RE targets compared to the operating projects, giving benchmarks on market design and RE routes on MV with Mexico, Brazil, USA, Germany, Italy: Brazil results to be the closest model to Morocco with a rate of 85%.  To encourage the deployment of RE on MV there is a need to define a grid code, foster a platform for the publication of information on the grid status, dispatch results, and address the affordability of renewable routes. “While innovation is key, storage is the future and interconnection is an alternative. Electric connection between countries happened way before political relationship, and it is a crucial element for Africa both for security and economic benefits”, remarks Roberto Vigotti, RES4MED&Africa Secretary General.

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